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1.  What is falcon-travel.com?
falcon-travel is a Global Tourism&Travel system. As on mid of 2018, falcon-travel.com offers a single platform to allow our customers enjoy quality assured services around the world at the best rates possible.
    2.  Which geographical locations does falcon-travel.com cover?
Thanks to our qualified staff and the technology, through our online platform we offer global inventory.
    3. How do I start using falcon-travel.com?
There are different ways to get the start with falcon-travel.com. You can choose to book on our online booking panel, connect using XML API or use our FRAME solution. Select the one that meets with your needs best.
    4.  What level of customer support can I expect?
falcon-travel.com is known for its excellent customer support. It is the only reservation system to install an online CRM that offers customer ticket support at “click of a button”. Also, customers can reach falcon-travel.com  on its 24x7 support number for emergency matters. We are setting industry standards in query turnaround time.
    5.  falcon-travel.com take care of development and integration? At what cost?
We don't do the integrations or web development. Instead, we prefer to work with reliable travel technology companies who have better skill sets to do the job efficiently.
    6.  Can I get the confirmation number immediately on booking?
However, we do display our booking reference number on the voucher which is sufficient for the ticket, hotel or car transfer services to track the booking.
    7.  Does falcon-travel  display ‘on request’ booking?
No. We display only the available booking services. The booking is confirmed instantly. With falcon-travel.com there's no waiting.
    8.  How much does a falcon-travel.com account cost?
falcon-travel.com is free to access without any sign up fee or monthly fee. You only pay for the bookings you have made.
    9.  What are the payment options?
We offer multiple payment options. Please discuss the payment options with your account manager.
    10.  What is the payment and billing cycle?
This is discussed and decided on a case to case basis depending on various factors like security deposit, anticipated volumes, etc.
    11.  What is the cancellation policy?
Cancellation policy may vary from booking to booking. falcon-travel.com clearly shows the cancellation policy before you confirm the booking. Some of the service bookings have a non-refundable policy. It is your responsibility to carefully check the cancellation policy prior to confirming the booking.
    12.  Does falcon-travel.com net rates include taxes?
Yes, the net rates you see on falcon-travel.com are inclusive of local government taxes. However, some cities have introduced tourism taxes and fees which are only payable directly at the hotel and are not included in the falcon-travel.com rates. Some hotels may also charge a mandatory resort fee which must be paid directly at hotel.
    13.  Can a falcon-travel.com  account be suspended or dissolved at any time?
Yes, you can request us to terminate the account if all bookings have been paid for. Also, we reserve the right to suspend accounts in case of non-payments, low search to book ratio, misuse, etc.